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Pet insurance, need to know

With one in two UK households having a pet in residence, we are clearly a nation of animal lovers and with pets acting as an extension of our own families it makes sense that we want to keep them happy and healthy. Pet insurance plays a big part in this and as an investment in the health of your animal it’s important to get it right. With this in mind here are some points you need to consider before buying:

Check what’s on the market
Comparing policies will let you know what you can expect to get out of your pet insurance as well as the price you are likely to be paying. In addition, it will make you aware of any discounts you may be able to take advantage of, such as a reduction on your premium for micro chipping your pet.

Know your pet
Some insurers will not insure your pet if they have a pre-existing or congenital problem, so establish if your pet is affected by such issues. Similarly, research the breed to find out if they are known to suffer from hereditary conditions as this may impact your pet and insurance in the future. Check potential policies to see if there is a cap on payments for medical treatment for long term conditions they may encounter.

Consider your extras
As well as covering vet’s fees, many insurance policies now have extra benefits. Again, compare and contrast what is available and fit your policy to your needs. Benefits are wide ranging and may include the provision of a reward sum should your pet go missing, or funding for a pet boarding home should you be hospitalised for a few days. While some of these benefits can cost extra with some providers, you may be surprised to find how many offer them as standard.

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